Ms. Sherrie Autman
Greetings All-,I am Ms.Sherrie Autman. I started this MTV journey as a parent volunteer in 2010. My mission was not to complain about things I thought were wrong but rather be an effective cause to the solution to help make them right. The first step was attending meetings to see what areas needed partnership.

I've served on the PAC as Chair for 7 yrs, LSC for 2 yrs, planned several events, assisted with gym, recess, award assemblies, luncheons and gradutions. Overall I've supported various departments and participated in numerous events. My motto has been "leave no task undone": help as needed without being asked. "Live" in the community, "be" the community, "add" to the community.

Throughout the years my title has changed several times but my passion for helping students, parents and staff has remained the same. I'm dedicated to making MTV the best learning environment in Chicago.

Being a parent & staff member I've had the opportunity to look at situations from both lenses and react on fairness not feelings . What's absouletly clear is communication is the key. There is no problem too big to resolve that a conversation can't solve.

As a parent you entrust your student/s with educators to help mold their future. As an instructor you do your very best to gain the trust of your parents so they know you have the students' best interest in mind. We align our efforts of growth as a team.

Through hard work, accountability and pouncing on opportunities to be successful; I will continue to help ensure with each student that learning is fun, creative and our main focus.

In addition, I pledge to give the very best that I have to keep students on track so goals are met daily. They will be encouraged to ulitize the resources that are availble. With these tools they have vision that they ARE college material. We are working towards a career not just a job.

Lastly, I hold you in partnership. This is obtainable and I challenge you to get involved and believe Failure Is Not An Option! The term it takes a village is most certainly true. Teaching goes beyond the bell. I look forward to a magnificent school year, to our returning MTV families and all our new MTV members, Welcome.