Assistant Principal's Message
Dear Parents, 

This year I am honored and excited to move into an administrative role at the school in which I have been loyally dedicated for the past 20 years. Furthermore, I am proud and blessed to be working assisting an outstanding school leader: Ms. Raquel Davis. Together with our team of outstanding staff we plan to reach each and every one of your children and motivate them to set and meet goals academically, socially and emotionally. 

Parents - we need your teamwork and support in order to maximize the positive educational experience your child will receive at Mount Vernon. Please consider attending our numerous special events throughout the year: quarterly recognition ceremonies, assemblies, Family Literacy and Math Nights, and more. Nothing beats the smiles on children's faces when they bring a relative to school or see a parent beaming from the audience! Also, we will have coffee and donut events with the principal, PAC meetings, LSC meetings - all providing you with an open forum to share your ideas on how to improve our school. 

But my number one request from you, Parents. PLEASE SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL ON TIME EVERY DAY! They can't learn if they're not here. Arriving at 7:45AM allows your child the benefits of a healthy, balanced breakfast, social-emotional activity, and Literacy instruction. These advantages cannot be received if your child is tardy or absent. 

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns as we start the year. I will be readily available to meet, greet, and reconnect with parents and relatives especially during the first week of school as we welcome the children to a new school year. See you on Tuesday, September 8th at 7:45AM! 

Anjanette Lipsett 
Assistant Principal